About Us

Pentland Property UK were established with the objective of providing an elegant solution for the management of property maintenance jobs.

Working with some of the UK's largest companies we realised the need to streamline the job management process so that when property problems were identified, they could be dealt with quickly and efficiently through a single point of contact. Our customers complained that they could not reach tradesmen when required and that once a job time and place had been agreed, tradesmen would fail to arrive, complete the work incorrectly or fail to report what had been done.

The reactive maintenance job management system we have developed address this problem directly. Customers can set-up properties and assign jobs to these properties including timescales for completion, full job descriptions and more.

As soon as our customers post a job on the job management system we know about it and respond expediently. When we receive notification of your job detail on our system, a project manager will immediately assess the work required and assign a suitably qualified tradesmen to the job according to the level of urgency required.

From here - your job is in hand, and is reported on as it proceeds to resolution.